Business Research 101

The Importance of Citing

Giving credit to the ideas of others makes your ideas and proposals more believable.  In addition, you avoid plagiarism and breaking U.S. Copyright Law.

See the following for details on how to:

How will this information help me?

  • Will give you visual examples of properly cited PowerPoint slides
  • Will show you examples of citation formats for your bibliography
  • Will link to more in-depth Citation Formats.

Why Do I need to cite information sources?

  • To give more credibility to the information you present by referencing expert opinions, ideas, and facts
  • To allow your reader to look for more in-depth information on your presentation
  • To avoid plagiarism and U.S. Copyright Law violation by giving credit to the work of others

The most effective way to avoid plagiarism is to take the time to cite your sources correctly. Citing or citation is the way that you give credit to the original author or source of the information. Depending on the professor and your program of study, there are several citation formats that are used. The resources listed above cover the citation format most commonly used at Owen.

Citation Resources