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Career Resources for Peabody College: Career Countdown!

Resources for Peabody College students to research companies, non-profits, etc. Tips on interviewing, cover letters and resumes.

Research? What does that have to do with finding a job?

Welcome to the research portion of your Career Countdown!  

Yes, that's right, research isn't limited to your academic coursework.  Research will help prepare you to land the best job or determine a career path for you.

Ideally you began thinking about your career path before you even arrived at Peabody, but in reality you may have only a few months to consider your options, or perhaps you have an interview in an hour and just need to know what you can do to prepare in a pinch!  

This guide is designed to help you make the most of your time and to help you be as prepared as you can be for what comes next.

LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn is a great social networking site for professionals.  See the Tips & Tricks section of the blog for making the most of LinkedIn in your job search!

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Have just an hour?

Only have an hour before your interview?  Think all hope is lost?  Fear not!  Here are a couple of quick things you can do to prepare yourself.


Review the company/organization's website - Go beyond the top level pages!  Look for a mission or vision statement, key contacts, and the latest annual report or newsletter to gain insight into how the organization presents itself.


Use a database to locate information about the company or organization beyond what they might include on their website.  For private companies, LexisNexis is an easy place to begin with a search box for company information and one for people. For non-profit foundations, use Foundation Directory Online.

Have a day?

If you have a full day before your interview, here are a few things you can do to prepare.  Spend a couple of hours looking at these resources and you will be better prepared.


In addition to the strategies in the box above, you could review some interviewing tips:  


Have a week?

If you have a week before your interview, you can break up your research over several days, looking at sources for a few hours at a time.  

In addition to the strategies in the boxes above, you could:

  • Review books on interviewing (see the Cover Letters, CV/Resumes and Interviews tab)
  • Conduct more in-depth research on the company or organization

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