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Ancient Near East: Pictures


Images illuminate life in the ancient world beyond words or texts. Writings tell us what some ancients thought, but architecture, artifacts, and iconography show what the ancients lived and practiced as individuals and communities. Combining written record with physical evidence helps us approach and create understandings of the ancients and their worlds. The following links will take you to websites where you can find photographs of archaeological sites.

Ancient World Image Bank

Oriental Institute Photographic Archives

Ancient Near East Photograph Collection

Below are links to websites where you can find photographs of ancient artifacts and iconography.

Iconography of Deities and Demons of the Ancient Near East

ARTstor (Vanderbilt users only)

Google Arts & Culture (you can search other museums' collections as well)

HistoryWiz (while there are not a lot of images, they are clear and large)


Study Bibles often include ANE maps (HarperCollins Study Bible, Oxford Study Bible, New Interpreter's Study Bible, Jewish Study Bible). The following on-line resources also come recommended.