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Alert Services: RSS Feeds

Alert Services or Current Awareness Services alert researchers when a new article or journal on a particular topic is published.

Setting Up RSS Feed Alerts

To follow or subscribe to an RSS feed, you need a "feed reader".

Choose the RSS Feed option after your search. Then, copy and paste the URL into your RSS reader, and you will receive automatic notifications of any new material matching your search.

Steps to set up the RSS Feed will differ by databases, but most give the option to create RSS Feeds.

Some popular readers are: Bloglines, Google Reader, and NewsGator, but there are many others. Follow the instructions on the sites to create an account and set up your reader.

If you are wondering if a journal, magazine, newspaper, website or database has RSS available, look for the following icons:   

RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format that allows you to get current updates from your favorite websites, blogs, or article databases. When you subscribe to an RSS feed or ask for it to be sent to you via email, the feed will auto-check for updates from websites and saved database searches and then display the results to you on a single webpage, so you don't have to check each site manually every time you want to see if it's been updated. The same principle applies if you want an RSS feed for a saved article search or a citation update.

ProQuest RSS Feed Tutorial

Example: Setting up an RSS Feed in EBSCO Databases

In EBSCO databases such as ATLA Religion Database, an Alert/Save/Share menu appears at the right-hand side of a blue toolbar at the top of the search results page. Clicking this menu brings up a variety of options, one of which is Create an Alert -> RSS Feed.

Click on the RSS icon and your feed will be created.

RSS Feeds Alert Providers & Publishers

Project Muse: Click here for instructions and RSS available journals.

EBSCO: Click for instructions.

Springer Link: Click for instructions and RSS available journals by type.

For a list of databases that offer Alert Services and RSS Feeds click here. Remember this list is not comprehensive.

Check your favorite journal to see if there is an RSS Feed available for it.

Please remember that not all publishers and/or journals offer these services.