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Alert Services: Search History Alerts

Alert Services or Current Awareness Services alert researchers when a new article or journal on a particular topic is published.

Setting Up the Alert Service

There are different ways to set up Search History Alerts.

Look on the home page for terms such as "alert," "email updates," "sign-in," "my archive," or "my account" in the database of your choice.

Some databases link to alert services directly from the home page. Here is an example from ISI Web of Knowledge:

In some cases, you may need to run your search, and then you will be prompted to set up a search alert. You may also have to create a personal login and register in order to sign in and run your search. After your search, just click save search.

Search History Alerts

Search History Alerts automatically run your saved database searches on a regular basis, retrieve newly added articles based on your search history, and deliver the results directly to your e-mail or RSS reader.

Searches can be on a subject, author, or contain specific keywords. It is sometimes possible to specify the frequency, format, and maximum number of citations you would like to receive per alert.

Example: Setting up a Search History Alert in Gale Databases

In Gale databases such as InfoTrak, you can have a search alert delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly. Just click on the Create Search Alert link on the right-hand side of the screen near the top of your ist of search results:

When you click this link, it will bring up a dialog asking you to give your email address and the frequency with which you want your alerts: