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Alert Services: Table of Contents/Journal Issue Alerts

Alert Services or Current Awareness Services alert researchers when a new article or journal on a particular topic is published.

Setting Up the Alert Service

First, you need to find the publisher of the desired journal or the databases in which it is indexed. You can consult Vanderbilt's e-journal A-to Z list to find this information.

Once you find the journal, click on the findit@VU button Findit@VU
next to the pertinent journal to see a list of publishers and databases.

If necessary, register and login to set up your alerts. You may just be prompted to enter your e-mail address instead of registering.

Be aware that there are various ways to call Journal Issue Alerts. Some names are Publication Alert, Table of Contents Alerts, and New Contents Alerts.

Cambridge Journals New Contents Alerts

Table of Contents/Journal Issue Alerts

Table of Contents/Journal Issue Alerts will provide you with the latest table of contents of a journal via e-mail or RSS feed. You can choose the journals and the frequency with which you receive the updates.

Example: Setting up a Publication Alert in ProQuest

Databases with Alert Services

For a list of databases that offer Alert Services click here. Remember this list is not comprehensive.

Please note that not all publishers and/or journals offer these services.