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Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Additional Research

Databases and websites on the business and management of health care. Consumer data, market research reports, government data. Websites with health care business research. How to search for gray literature.

How to Search for Gray Literature

Gray literature refers to information which is not regularly indexed in a database and which must be retrieved directly from the source or publisher. To access this type of literature using GOOGLE, select the ADVANCED SEARCH feature. Enter your keywords and then under the section called "search within a site or DOMAIN" try using these extentions:

  • .mil (to limit to military sites)
  • .org (to limit to organization sites)
  • .gov (to limit to government sites)

Additional Research Guides

There are two additional research guides on the health care industry which may be of interest.

Health Care covers the business and management issues related to the healthcare industry

Healthcare Data Sets contains links to raw data on patients, illnesses, fees, etc.

Keep in mind Vanderbilt's Eskind Biomedical Library resources. Under the Digital Library, look at the options for Resources by Subject.

This research guide is not intended to include the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

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