Altmetrics and Data Management

What are Altmetrics?

The term altmetrics stands for alternative metrics. It's sort of like a crowd-sourced peer review process, finding new ways to monitor the use and impact of research in an online environment. Altmetrics considers how scholarship-based activities such as blog posts, tweets, downloads, shares, and views may provide important information about the significance of a research article or other research "product." More information can be found here.

Altmetrics Communities

Altmetric Tools

Altmetric "collects the relevant discussions around each article from Twitter, Facebook, science blogs, mainstream news outlets, YouTube and many more sources - then makes it all available to you in one place. . . Each article is given a score that measures the quantity and quality of attention it has received." (Description from website). While there is a charge to subscribe to this service, Altmetric offers researchers a free bookmarklet that can be used in Firefox, Chrome and Safari to view metrics for articles found on the web.

Powered through LinkedIn, Slideshare allows you to upload slide presentations, videos, pdf's, webinars, Word documents, and infographics to share with other users.You can search Slideshare for presentations of interest to you. Statistics offered include number of views, likes on Facebook, number of tweets on Twitter, recommendations on Google+, and shares on LinkedIn.

Lanyrd is a conference sharing website. It allows you to learn about and track conferences around the world. You can add conferences, workshops, unconferences, conventions and trade shows that you know about. If you make a presentation at a conference, you can upload your slides, audio files, videos and more to share with others. Click on the name of a conference to see how many people on the website are either attending or tracking the conference.


Academic "social networks" are also a great way to track the impact of your scholarship. Track analytics such as downloads, views, and shares. These sites are also a great way to grow your professional network, and make your work more visible.