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Research Tools for Student Athletes

Citing Sources?


When you "cite" a source you are showing, within the body of your text, that you took the words or ideas from another place. 

checkmark You also are providing a way for the reader (your professor) to locate the sources you relied on in your research.
checkmark Failure to acknowledge these sources can be considered plagiarism.
checkmark Remember that for whatever style you chose (in consultation with your professor), pay attention to the details and be consistent.  Incorrect citations are just as bad as no citations at all!

Should I Use Citation Tools?

Many databases and other resources now have tools that will create the citation for you.  If you choose to use these tools, make sure you double check against the appropriate style/citation manual.  Sometimes, these tools will have little mistakes, which are easy to fix, but you need to know the mistake exists in the first place.

Check out the Purdue OWL website for some online examples of properly formatted citations for a variety of citation styles.