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Owen Alumni: Library Resource Guide: Research Skills for MBA's

Be a Search Guru! With Tools!

Use an asterisk * to increase results.
cardio* = will search for all the following matches:
AND cardiology
AND cardiological
AND cardiopulmonary
AND cardiotocography
AND cardiorespiratory, etc.

Use asterisks (or truncation) judiciously as
hospital* will bring back both
hospitals as well as
hospitality (as in restaurants and hotels)

Building Your Business Research Toolkit

Experience and knowledge with these research tools will enhance your business skill set. Efficient use will benefit your academic and business career. Become a research ninja by using the following tips to find answers to the most common business research questions.

The following examples are from three commonly used library databases, with each having a different focus. Each database vendor has their own search platform which makes using the special features of the database worthwhile to obtain the best results.

Researching an Industry using First Research

First Step: First Research contains:

  • Industry Overview
  • Industry Forecast
  • Critical Issues within the industry
  • Business Challenges
  • Business Trends
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Call Prep Sheets with conversation starters
  • Executive insights and talking points by C-Suite position.
  • Websites which highlight industry experts (usually Associations and Government Agencies.)

Once in First Research, simply search for your industry, then click on the appropriate link. The report contents are listed on the LEFTSIDE of the page.

Researching a Company using OneSource

Hoover's search result.

  1. Go to the database OneSource
  2. Search by company name or ticker.
  3. Tip: Look for the PARENT company, and click.
  4. This page gives you a quick overview.
  5. The left side of the page has more detailed information: Competitors, Financial Data, Analyst Reports, SWOT, etc.