Political Science Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2023

Key Vanderbilt Political Science Journal Subscriptions

Below are direct links to library subscriptions to key journals in the field in which Vanderbilt faculty have published in the last 10 years, listed in terms of impact rank.

Journal (Full-text) Issues per Year 2022 Journal Impact Factor
Annual Review of Political Science 4 10.8
International Organization 4 7.8
Political Communication 4 7.8
American Political Science Review 4 6.8
Environmental Politics 7 5.5
Political Analysis 4 5.4
European Journal of Political Research 4 5.3
Comparative Political Studies 10 5.0
International Journal of Press/Politics 4 4.8
Political Psychology 6 4.6
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 4 4.2
American Journal of Political Science 4 4.2


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