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Industry Research Overview


Technology is constantly changing, developing, never staying the same.  When you do research and read about an industry and the companies in that industry, you'll better understand the business environment in which your company operates. 

For a large industry, like the automobiles, information is easy to find.  For smaller industries, which may be fairly new or filled with "mom and pop" and private businesses, a different approach is needed.  Examples of where industry information can be found include:

  • Analyst reports
  • Market research reports
  • News articles
  • Industry experts
  • Trade or professional association

Using these sources lets you see what information already exists.  Understanding the opinions and ideas of experts will let you make your own assessment based on facts and analysis of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Below are links to resources on INDUSTRY REGULATION & STANDARDIZATION and NHTSA and SAE AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE LEVELS.

Industry Databases

Business Source Complete Article Searching Tips

Notes on the Business Source Complete searches below:

  • The * means find all words that have the same root: self-driv* finds self-driver, self-driving, etc.
  • The OR in each line means that only one of the words MUST be present for a match in the results.
  • The right side choices of Subject, Abstract, Title require WHERE the keywords MUST appear.  Try different combinations to shake out different results. The example below shows SU/AB/TI, try: TI/SU/AB, etc.

Search Example #1: shows how to find information about customers.

Search Example #2: shows how to find information about a specific company. Since this is a technology topic, which means it changes quickly, you don't need to read articles that are more than a year or two old.

Industry Thought Leaders

Industry Thought Leaders use the Internet to distribute their work for business development purposes.  They'll cover current topics in a concise manner.  Often these consulting firms understand the industry dynamics in unique ways.  Try these searches specifically using the Google Advanced Search page.


  • To filter BY DATE on the Search Results page: Tools>AnyTime>CustomDates>xxxx; I  used 2018 in the first box and leave the second box blank.
  • Note that in the All These Words - I left the endings off some words.  So self driv will match words such as self driving, self driver, etc. and automo finds automotive or automobile, etc.
  • The ANY of These Words means that just ONE of these words must be present for a match; for example: "E&Y" or typing "Boston Consulting Group" means these words ONLY If they appear exactly in this format next to each other.
  • You can cut and paste this ANY of These Words line = pwc pricewaterhouse ernst "e&y" deloitte kpmg bain mckinsey bcg "boston consulting group"

Sample Search #1:

Sample Search #2:


Recommended articles from key Industry Thought Leaders in this space are provided below.