MMark Orientation

The Research Process

These questions will help you create a plan to see what information you need to find to support your idea.

  • Who *cares* about this product or service?  Is it a trade association? Government? Key competitors?

  • What is your idea?  Does it replace a product or service that already exists?

  • When will it be needed or used?  Is that important for you in promoting it?

  • Where is the end user – geography, phase of life? What channel will reach them?

  • Why would someone buy your product or service?

The Importance of Citing

Increase your credibility and the strength of your business proposals and ideas by citing other sources and industry experts. There are standard formats for citing sources that enable others to find the information that you are referencing.

How will using this information help me?

  • Will give you visual examples of properly cited PowerPoint slides
  • Will show you examples of citation formats for your bibliography
  • Will link to more in-depth Citation Formats.

Why do I need to cite information sources?

  • To give more credibility to the information you present by referencing expert opinions, ideas, and facts
  • To allow your reader to look for more in-depth information on your presentation
  • To avoid plagiarism and U.S. Copyright Law violation by giving credit to the work of others
  • To uphold the Owen Graduate School of Management Honor Code.

Details on how to cite sources on your Powerpoint slides and create your annotated bibliography are available in:

For additional APA examples for business resources please see: