SpringShare Products Technical Support: Add libChat Widget to libGuides

Frequently asked technical support questions for SpringShare libApps products, including libGuides, libAnswer/libChat, libCal, libWizards.

Add embedded libChat form

To Add an Embeded form format Heard libChat widgets to your libGuides, you will need:

  1. add a libGuide Box first, within the box, Click Add/Reorder, choose Rich Text/HTML. 

libGuides box


2. In the html editing box, make sure you are in the source editing mode.

libGuides html editing box

  1. past the following code into the editing box.

<script src="https://v2.libanswers.com/load_chat.php?hash=112e906e02490f6dc5c9f2499ce71336"></script>
<div id="libchat_112e906e02490f6dc5c9f2499ce71336">&nbsp;</div>


  1. Click Save & Close button, you will see the embedded Chat form shows up in your guides.

embedded libChat form


Add a slide-out libChat widget

To Add the Slide-out button format Heard LibChat Widget, do the same step 1-2, but paste in the following code:

<script src="https://v2.libanswers.com/load_chat.php?hash=dc7ac873afc4e1e6fd5afca29fed6e1c"></script>
<div id="libchat_dc7ac873afc4e1e6fd5afca29fed6e1c"></div>

The slide-out chat button shows up on the right side of your guides, like this