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Expansion of the Blair Performance Archive: Home

Information on the temporary expansion of the Blair Performance Archive to include remote performances by faculty and students.

The Blair Performance Archive (BPA):

Library staff continue to work on the BPA remotely. If you need a digital copy of a recital or performance, fill out a Recital Request Form. 

Information on Submitting Remote Performances:

The Wilson Music Library is excited to announce that we are temporarily expanding the Blair Performance Archive (BPA) to include remote Vanderbilt student and faculty performances! If you have repertoire that you were planning to perform at a Friday or degree recital, or another work that would normally be programmed on a Blair stage, we encourage you to submit video or audio for the BPA. In an era of remote learning and social distancing, it is important for us all to remember why we make music in the first place - to share it with our friends. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • If your piece requires piano, check with a faculty (or local) collaborative pianist to see if they are able to record their part remotely.

  • If your piece requires a chamber ensemble, it is your responsibility to glue individual parts together - free audio software like Audacity and video editing apps like PhotoGrid, Final Cut Pro (currently offering a 90 day free trial), or VideoPad are good places to start.

  • Your performance will be living (hopefully forever) next to senior recitals, faculty performances, and guest artist recitals.  If you have a “just for fun” quarantine performance that’s more about the moment we’re in, let us know and we’ll start thinking of a separate preservation home (6 feet apart from the BPA).

  • We ask that your audio and video quality be as good as you are able to get it - a relatively open space for recording is ideal. If you do not have access to a separate recording device, mobile phone quality will suffice. 

  • Please upload your completed recording to a folder in Vanderbilt Box with your name(s), information about the piece (composer, title, date of composition), recording location (city and state, country, and venue if desired), and date. Share the folder with Michael Jones.

  • Any further questions about submissions can be directed to Michael Jones.