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How to determine levels and how to find leveled readers and guiding reading resources in the Curriculum Materials Center at Peabody Library.

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What is Guided Reading?

Fountas & Pinnell define Guided Reading as "a teaching approach designed to help individual readers build an effective system for processing a variety of increasingly challenging texts over time. Using benchmark assessments or other systematic observation, the teacher has determined the approximate instructional reading level of each of the students. The teacher forms a temporary group of students that are alike enough in their development of a reading process that it makes sense to teach them together for a period of time. In selecting a text for the group, the teacher uses the level designation; thinks about the strengths, needs, and background knowledge of the group; and analyzes the individual text for opportunities to support students' successful engagement with the meaning, language, and print of the text. The teacher uses the text to help the children expand what they know how to do as readers."

Fountas, I.C. & Pinnell, G.S. (2010, August 02). What is the Guided Reading Teaching Method? [Web log post]. Retrieved from

What is DRA?

Developmental Reading Assessment is a field-tested method that is used to systematically observe, record, and evaluate a reader's performance.

What is the Lexile Framework for reading?

"The Lexile Framework for Reading is a system that can help determine the reading level of any written material—from a book to a test item. The Lexile Framework can also be used to assess a readers' reading comprehension level. After test results are converted into Lexile measures, readers can be matched to reading materials on their own level and comprehension rates of readers can be forecasted to determine how well a reader will comprehend thousands of texts that have been measured in the Lexile metric."

MetaMetrics, Lexile Framework for Reading. (2011). Retrieved from

Ways to Determine Book Reading Level

Where can I find leveled readers at Peabody Library?

The leveled readers are located on the book shelves along the right hand wall in the Curriculum Materials Center, room 307. See the back of each book for information such as level and word count. See the chart provided and tabs above for more detailed information. Teaching/Instructor guides and materials can be found by their call number on the tall shelves in room 307. If you need assistance, please see staff in 309AA or at the Service Desk on the main floor.

Book Series Levels

Leveled Reading Websites for the Classroom

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