JS 1002W - Introduction to Jewish Studies - Kelner: Evaluating Your Sources

Comparison Chart

Popular or Scholarly handout    

An important step in the research process is evaluating a source to determine whether it is appropriate for your assignment.

For instance, your professor may require only scholarly sources for one assignment and scholarly and popular for another assignment. This distinction will need to be made for books as well as articles.

Consult with your professor if you are not sure whether a source is appropriate for your assignment.


It is important to take the time to evaluate the sources you find in the course of your research and make sure they are reliable.

The C.A.R.P. test is one way of evaluating information by
Currency (timeliness of information)

Authority (source of information)
Relevance (value of the information for your research)
Purpose (reason
the information exists)


This brief video provides an overview of ways to distinguish between popular magazines and scholarly journals.