JS 1002W - Introduction to Jewish Studies - Kelner: Jewish Studies Collections

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B  108-708       Ancient
B  720-765       Medieval
B  790-5802       Modern
BM 150-449     History of Judaism
BM 201-449        By country / region 
D   804-805     Holocaust / concentration camps
    History of the Jews
DS 101-151        By country / region
DS 145-146     Antisemitism
DS 149-151     Zionism
E   184 .J5     Jews in America
F   1419 .J4      Jews in Latin America
GR 98     Jewish folklore
HQ 1172     Jewish women
PJ   5045     Israeli fiction
PJ   5111-5119     Yiddish language
PJ   5120-5192     Yiddish literature
PJ   5123        Yiddish drama
PN  1560-1590     Jews in the performing arts / show business
PN  1993-1999      Jews in motion pictures / motion picture industry
PN  3035     Jewish theater
PN  5650     Jewish press
PN  6067     Jewish literature
PN  6231 .J5     Jewish wit and humor

Rare Item in Special Collections

The Zimmerman Judaica Collection

The Judaica Collection is located in the Divinity Library on the 2nd floor of the building.

The collection was begun in 1945 with the gift of the professional library of Professor Ismar Elbogen consisting of 2,200 volumes. It has grown to more than 20,000 titles through donations and acquistions including rare books and archival materials.

The books may be checked out, and most are listed in the library catalog.