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FNEC 3700: Investment Analysis: Company

Understanding a Company

To better understand a company, its performance in the market and the factors that affect it, you need to understand the whole picture of that universe.  This includes :

  • Company’s financials
  • Products and services
  • SWOT reports (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Industry pressures and challenges
  • Competitors
  • Analyst reports

While you should certainly look at the company’s website, note that will only help you gain insight into that company's opinion about itself.  For other opinions about a company’s issues and performance, there are several types of library databases that will help.  They are generally divided up by the type of information they contain although there are some exceptions such as OneSource, which gathers by company name several different types of information.

For insight into which databases are best for which type of business research, please use the Library Database Orientation spreadsheet.

Company Overviews

    1. First step: Hoovers (formerly OneSource). 
      Contains company profiles, analyst reports, SWOTs, and market research reports under the NAICS code link..

      Example of SWOT analysis from Hoovers:

      Example of SWOT from OneSource


    1. Second step: Business Source Complete.

      In Business Source Complete, search for the name of the company then use the drop down menu to the right to select CO Company Entity.

      Try two specific searches:
      • Select SWOT in the second search box.
      • Enter terms in the second search box related to corporate strategy and analysis to view recent business news.

Additional Company Research Guides

Walker Management Library

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Walker Management *Library
Walker Management Library

Owen Graduate School of Management

401 21st. Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37203