ENVE CE-4959 Senior Engineering Design Seminar - Troxel


This guide is intended to help you find quality civil and environmental engineering information for the Senior Engineering Design Seminar course.  The tabs across the top of the page will help you navigate between topics. 

Design Projects

As provided by Prof. Troxel:

Find 3 current event type publications and 3 journal quality publications related to your project.

  1. Design a small home that can be built on the back of someone’s property for low-income housing.  This includes the design of energy, water, and materials.  Students determine what kind of certification is most appropriate such as LEED, living building, etc.
  2. Re-design the intersection of Spring Street and Ellington parkway downtown.  This includes the relocation of the highway and planning office, retail, residential for the new open space.
  3. Design a pedestrian bridge in Guatemala
  4. Design a new type of foundation for expansive soils in Sterling Ranch, Colorado.


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