BME 3893-01 - Drug Development & Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Your Library Session

This Guide is a starting point to find information in the Vanderbilt Library's 800+ databases and resources. You can use them with your VUNetID from any location either on or off-campus.

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Honora Eskridge, Science & Engineering Library Director,

Rahn Huber, Walker Management Library, Business Librarian,

Library Research Tips

For successful product development, you need to understand and be able to communicate what problem the product solves, its unique features, the customer needs and competitors.  Everyone uses Google – but what’s unique about your pitch that goes beyond what you find in Google?

Where do you find facts to strengthen your case?  If you were a journalist, you’d want to know the Five Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) to write a good article.  You can use these ideas to help outline your project and library research needs. 

Research is a process.  You look, you learn and then you circle back with what you learned to do more research.

  • Who *cares* about this product or service?  Is it a trade association? Government? Key competitors?

  • What is the nature of your idea?  Does it compete with an existing product/service or replace one that already exists? What do you already know about it?

  • When will this be needed or used?  Is that important for you in promoting it?

  • Where will the person or company be that needs this (geography, phase of life?) What other demographics matter? 

  • Why does your idea have value? Why would someone buy it?


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