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Eskind Biomedical Library User Interface Feedback: Home

General Information

Greetings faculty, students, and staff,

The Vanderbilt Libraries are currently evaluating four Library Services Platforms in anticipation of replacing the existing system in 2018. We, at Eskind, are advocating for a system that is customizable and responsive to the needs of our unique users. In order to do this, we are seeking your input during this evaluation process.

Given the demands of many of our users, we are offering multiple opportunities to provide feedback on the four vendor platforms listed below. Ideally, we want to speak with you in a focus group type setting but are more than willing to meet one-on-one in person or document your comments via phone or email.  We have also created an anonymous feedback form for your convenience.

Please contact any of the Eskind Library Staff listed in the Contacts box to schedule a meeting or send your comments.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Eskind Biomedical Library.


Camille Ivey, Librarian, (615) 875-9613, camille.ivey@Vanderbilt.Edu

Nathan Jones, Archivist, (615) 936-1417,

Philip Walker, Librarian, (615) 936-2200, philip.d.walker@Vanderbilt.Edu