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Patents & Trademarks: Break-out Session for Engineering Management Capstone Project

A service of the Patent & Trademark Resource Center at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee

Quick Links

The Patent Librarian's Notebook (Patent News)


Selected Resources for ENGM 4951

Getting oriented:

        • Guide to Provisional Patent Applications. A primer on patents generally. 
         See especially the Patents 101 section, pages 4-8, and the Seven Questions 
         section, pages 8-11.  [pdf, 256kb]

        • Top Ten Facts about Patents, from The Lens

        • Should you apply for a patent at all? flowchart image 

               [Right-click on thumbnail to open image in new tab. [jpeg 1600 x 978 px]


Search granted patents and published applications for the U. S. and Europe:

       Google Advanced Patent Search


An approach to reading patents: 

       • How to Read a Patent in 60 Seconds
        "When time’s short, here’s the quick and dirty way to figure out what the patent
usually in under a minute."

       • How to Read Patent Claims
        A companion to the 60 Seconds link above.


Popular links on

"C" Is for Classification
 In progress: U. S. Patent Classification is being replaced by Cooperative Patent Classification.

      Keyword Index to USPC

      Keyword search of CPC

• Search U. S. Patents / Published Applications 

• USPTO Kind Codes 



Search Non-Patent Literature for Prior Art

Reference Librarian

Patent It Yourself