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MUSL 1111 - Music and Global Health - Barz

Great Places to Start

As a Vanderbilt student you can:

  • Get help with your research assignments by using Ask a Librarian.
    • You can set up an appointment with me by clicking on the button in my profile box marked "Schedule Appointment."
  • Borrow books and other items from any of the eight campus libraries (except Special Collections), and return most materials to any other library. 
    • Book drops are located outside most campus libraries and at the Commons Center.
  • Reserve study rooms for individual or group study.

There is common misconception that research is a linear process in which you pick a topic, find resources on that topic, and then write your paper. The reality is far more complex. Research is an iterative process that often requires cycling through the same steps several times. The research "daisy" designed by Kitty Mackey is a helpful tool to help you envision the fluid way that the research process actually works.


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