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A guide for music students and faculty about how to find and use academic e-books on music-related topics.

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New E-Book Titles for Music

Academic E-Books: An Overview

There are three ways that the Jean and Alexander Heard Library provides access to e-books:

  1. Outright purchase of an individual title - many vendors and publishers allow libraries to purchase single titles outright. Once the library pays for the title, it becomes a permanent part of the library's collection.
  2. Subscription e-book collections - The library currently subscribes to two large academic e-book collections: eBook Academic (EBSCOhost) and Academic Complete (ProQuest/ebrary). Access to titles in this collection is contingent upon maintaining our annual subscription; if we cancel our contract, we lose access to these titles.
  3. Demand Driven Access (DDA) - Demand driven access, also known as patron driven access, is a process that allows use to dictate whether or not a title is purchased. Subject liaisons identify subject areas of interest to their users, and records for e-books that fit their parameters are loaded into the library catalog on a weekly basis. Once a title meets the threshold for use, purchase of the title is triggered.* If a purchase is triggered, the title becomes a permanent part of the library's collections.

Regardless of how we have access to an e-book, you will be able to find it by searching Library Catalog or Library Catalog. You can also search our subscription collections through their own interfaces; see the box on the left for more information and direct links.

* Simply clicking on the link to an e-book will not trigger a purchase. 

E-Book Collections for Music

Academic Complete - Academic Complete is a subscription e-book collection featuring academic titles. Numbering more than 120,000 items, Academic Complete includes more than 2,000 titles on topics ranging from musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, music education, popular music studies, and music technology. Publishers include Ashgate, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Routledge, Continuum, University of California Press, and Indiana University Press.You can browse music titles directly from this link.

eBook Academic (EBSCOhost) - eBook Academic is another subscription e-book collection that features 132,000 academic titles. While there is some overlap with Academic Complete, eBook Academic is particularly strong in its coverage of popular music, music therapy, music and the body/brain, and ethnomusicology. Publishers include Columbia University Press, Ashgate (Popular and Folk Music Series), MIT Press, Peter Lang, and Barcelona Publishers.