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FYWS Instructor Toolkit: Library Session Basics

Information & Resources for faculty teaching FYWS sessions.

Schedule a Session

If you are ready to schedule your FYWS Library Session you can use the online form below or contact Melinda Brown.

Why is a library session included in the First Year Writing Seminar (FYWS)?

One requirement of the First Year Writing Program is that all seminars shall:

"introduce first year students to literature research, including library and database orientation, experience with critical evaluation of the validity, relevance, and significance of source material obtained through literature searches, and instruction regarding the proper citation of source materials."

Librarians work with FYWS instructors to develop a session that addresses some components of this requirement.

For more information, please see:

Syllabus Requirements for Writing Courses under AXLE (complete document - PDF)

What are my options for the type of library session?

There are three basic options for your library session, or you may request a consultation with the subject librarian.

Basic Options

1. Introduction to Library Research Resources

  •  Provides a hands-on introduction to library research skills.
  •  Covers topics such as how evaluate sources.
  •  Includes general citation information.

2.  Introduction to Academic Research Skills  

  • Covers the content in the  basic library orientation  (Option 1).
  • Also includes more detailed instruction in research skills and the use of online resources students might use in the discipline of the course.
  • Faculty are welcome to suggest databases they feel their students might find useful.

3.  Assignment Specific Tutorial

  • Covers the information in the basic library & research skills orientation (Options 1&2).
  • Also includes other content tailored to a course assignment or assignments.
  • Your librarian will consult with the  you to make sure the session covers resources students need to successfully complete their assignments.
You may also request a consultation with a subject librarian to review your assignment(s) to determine the best option for you and your students.

Journal of the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition