How to Search for Foreign Language DVDs

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Foreign Language Films

Foreign language DVDs at Central Library are not grouped by language or genre. They are grouped by call number. In order to find foreign language films, you will need to use the Library Catalog catalog to limit results to the language that you want.

How to Search for Foreign-Language DVDs

Let's use DVDs in Italian as an example. Go to Library Catalog. Click on the "Advanced Search" link on the right-hand side of the search box.

Once you have the advanced search screen, limit your search to DVDs in the Material Type field and limit your language to Italian. Make sure that you are searching form the Library Catalog Catalog tab.

Library Catalog requires you to put an entry in the search field. Use "DVD," so you have a keyword in the field that will appear in almost 100% of the catalog entries that are DVDs.

Now do the search. The results list may be large. The reason is that the search is also returning films with Italian subtitles, even if the original movie is in English or French or another language.

To exclude the titles that are in English with Italian subtitles, go to the left side of the screen. Scroll down until you see a group of facets (filters to refine the search for different attributes in a set of titles) for languages.

Now, click on "More options." You will get a pop-up box with a list of all the languages for the given results. You will see two columns of checkboxes for "include" or "exclude." Check the "exclude" box and click Continue.

The results list in this case is reduced to 260, all of which will have English excluded. This is not a perfect option, because there is still the possibility that a subset of Italian-language DVDs with English subtitles will be excluded. But that subset will be much smaller.