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Employment Trends: Graphics & Maps

A selection of resources that focus on regional economic trends (both general and industry specific) as well as data and analysis forecasting where future jobs will be by region and industry.

Interactive Maps

The following maps present regional economic data in a map or graphical format for a visual explanation of current conditions.

USA Today: Where the Jobs Are: USA Today/Moody' forecast of job growth by metro area, state and industry. Updated monthly.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map: Map of unemployment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at the State, County and MSA level.


CNN/Money State Ranking Maps: Interactive maps illustrating state ranks for unemployment and foreclosures. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data.


The State of Working America: Interactive view of the United States labor market including job and unemployment data, economic activity and state statistics. A product of the Economic Policy Institute.

Brookings Metro Monitor: a quarterly, interactive barometer of the health of America’s 100 largest metropolitan economies.

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