Citation Management: EndNote Web

Accessing EndNote Web

Make your research more portable. Take it wherever you have an Internet connection.

About EndNote Web

EndNote Web allows users to access their libraries online wherever they go. Rather than having to bring your library with you, you can access your library from any computer with Internet access. You can add references, collaborate with colleagues, and attach and store files.

Creating, Importing, and Exporting References


You will need to create an EndNote Web account prior to downloading plugins.

  1. Cite While You Write Plug-in
  • Shows up as a tab when you open a Word document
  • Allows users to create fully formatted bibliographies, endnotes, footnotes, and in-text citations as they type their papers.

  1. Browser Plug-in
  • Allows direct export from websites to your EndNote Web library
  • Shows up in your Internet Explorer web browser
  • Mozilla users may choose the plug-in through managing their Add-ons
  • Not available for Chrome 

Quick Guides

This is an extremely useful visual and textual guide for getting started with the features of EndNote Web including.

Notes for Mac users

1. Be absolutely sure to use Mozilla Firefox. Safari will not work for importing references from Vanderbilt databases to your library.

2. No EndNote toolbar? Make sure to display tool bars.

3. There are known issues with direct export using the Safari plug-in and Mac OSX. Not recommended.

4. When in doubt, create a .txt file and import to your library with the appropriate filter.

Getting Help

For citation management software training and support, contact one of the following library staff members:


Chris Benda (Divinity Library) - Endnote & Zotero
Pam Morgan (Central Library) - Zotero
Tina Qin (Science Library) - Mendeley
Ramona Romero (Central Library) - Endnote & Zotero
Rick Stringer-Hye (Science Library) - Endnote & Mendeley
Philip Walker (Eskind Biomedical Library) - Endnote

Getting More Help