Citation Management: EndNote

Downloading EndNote

About EndNote

The EndNote citation management software allows you to create your own personal library of references to books, articles and documents. References can include citation information (author, title, publisher, etc.) as well as annotations, graphics, and even copies of the documents themselves. EndNote then works with Microsoft Word and other word processors to automatically add references to your paper and format your bibliography in the proper style (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.).

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Getting Help

For citation management software training and support, contact one of the following library staff members:


Chris Benda (Divinity Library) - Endnote & Zotero
Pam Morgan (Central Library) - Zotero
Ramona Romero (Central Library) - Endnote & Zotero
Rick Stringer-Hye (Science Library) - Endnote & Mendeley
Philip Walker (Eskind Biomedical Library) - Endnote


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