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LLM Guide to Law Library Services: Welcome

LLM Support

Is this you?

You can find a lot of research results but…

 …they are not as relevant as you might hope, so you want research guidance.


You know how to write but…

                                             …you want a little more support writing your legal memo or learning about other types of legal writing.


You understand the course material in your law classes but...                                      

                                  are not sure how to provide the answers in the specific way that U.S. Law School Exams are written.


You are taking a Bar Exam and you signed up for a Bar Review course but…

                                                                                                …you do not have your Bar Review books as yet.


You want a quiet place in the library to study where you can keep your books but…

                               …you don’t know how to reserve a carrel in the library and you are not sure when the library will be open.


Catherine Deane

Author Credit

Adapted from the Harvard Law Library SJD Guide with the kind permission of author Aslıhan Bulut.