Curriculum Materials Center : Binder Machine

The Curriculum Materials Center is a library collection used for Pre-k through 12th grade education, including special education materials. The available resources are hands-on materials, teacher edition textbooks, leveled readers, and much more.

How to Use the Binder Machine

Instructions for Using the Binder

1.    Set the edge guide to the desired paper size (e.g. 8.5” or 11”). If you are using a cover, set the edge guide to OVERSIZED COVER.  Then for the documents, set the guide to 11” LETTER.

 2.    Align your documents with the edge guide (according to use of cover or not) and then punch the holes by pulling the large handle toward you.  Insert at most 10 sheets of paper at a time when punching holes.

 3.    Use the binder sizer to determine the comb size you need.  Slide the sizer open, insert the documents to be bound, and then release the sizer. You will then know the size of the comb needed.  

 4.    Read the appropriate comb size and procure a comb from a staff member.

 5.    With the open portion facing you, place the comb behind the corresponding comb on the binder.

 6.    Turn the bind lever toward you until the comb opens wide enough to insert your documents.

 7.    Insert your documents.  Then turn the lever away from you to close the comb.

 8.    Lift the bound item up. 

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