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The Curriculum Materials Center is a library collection used for Pre-k through 12th grade education, including special education materials. The available resources are hands-on materials, teacher edition textbooks, leveled readers, and much more.

Rising Readers: Nursery Rhyme Tales, Levels A-I

Rising Readers: Nursery Rhyme Tales, Levels A-I (books & CD-ROM)
LB1573 .L384 2011

Includes 12 CD-ROMs, Mini-Books, and Teacher's Guides (1 per title), plus 1 User Guide.


About this series Turn literacy instruction into a multimedia adventure! 12 engaging classic nursery rhyme tales are now available as interactive CD-ROMs for whiteboards or computers. These digital tales will motivate students to learn core content and literacy skills. Ideal for whole-group lessons on a whiteboard, independent or partner work on a computer, or after-school reinforcement at home. Interactive features include: window shades to hide and reveal text and images, built-in pen tools, and self-correcting grammar & writing, vocabulary, and comprehension skills activity pages. Works on any brand of whiteboard or computer.

Leveled Nonfiction Readers CD-ROM Library for Interactive Whiteboards and Computers

Leveled Nonfiction Readers CD-ROM Library for Interactive Whiteboards and Computers (CD-ROMS only)
LB1573 .L383 (Science, Math, Social Studies)
Levels D-I

 About this series: 
  • Interactivity is BUILT IN to software, enabling interactivity to function on ANY brand of whiteboard, on a computer for individual use at school or at home, or even on an overhead projector!
  • Interactive, self-correcting activities enrich the whiteboard experience, reinforce important ideas, and prepare students for standardized tests.
  • User Guides, customized teacher's guides, and mini-books accompany whiteboard sets to fully support teachers and maximize learning potential for students.
  • Gorgeous packaging is convenient to store CD-ROMs and build a classroom library of whiteboard materials!
  • Matching book sets of leveled readers complement whiteboard instruction and are ideal for small-group reading or take-home books to read with parents.

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