Curriculum Materials Center : Saddleback High/Lo & YA Readers

The Curriculum Materials Center is a library collection used for Pre-k through 12th grade education, including special education materials. The available resources are hands-on materials, teacher edition textbooks, leveled readers, and much more.

Leveling Chart for Saddleback Readers

Young Adult Reading Level 3 | Collection 2

Young Adult Reading Level 3 | Collection 2
RL: 3.0 | Grades: YA

This young adult collection of reading level 3.0 to 3.9 titles also includes leveled fiction and nonfiction for struggling readers.

Middle School Reading Level 1 | Collection 1

Middle School Reading Level 1 | Collection 1
RL: 1.0 | Grades: 5 to 8

Ignite the fire in your striving readers with these beginning reading titles—perfect for young adults. Drawn from our collection of reading level 1.0 titles, these are books that your students are sure to finish. Includes leveled fiction and nonfiction.


Urban Fiction Collection 3

Urban Fiction Collection 3
RL: 2.8 to 5.4 | Grades: YA

One of the hottest literary phenomena of recent years has been the explosion of what has been variously termed hip-hop, street, or urban fiction. Street lit readers place a high premium on authenticity. This sets contains urban fiction for your classroom library—edgy, gritty, and modern YA lit with ethnic protagonists.

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