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High School to College Transition: Starting your research project

The Research Roadmap

Thanks to Capella University for this image.

Common student mistakes

What Faculty say

  • Over-reliance on Google. Professors report that students don’t often go beyond the familiar Internet search to find more scholarly resources
  • Don’t know which database or print resource to start with.  A university library can offer hundreds of databases, thousands of journals and millions of books. Students may be unsure about where to start their research.
  • Inability to read a citation. Is it a book? Is it an article? If students don’t know, they can’t find the articles and books the professor suggests for the research project.
  • Can’t tell the difference between scholarly and popular resources.  If a bibliography is full of questionable sources, it may be difficult for the professor to evaluate the quality of the student’s writing and analytical skills.

What Students say

  • I didn't start the research soon enough.
  • I did a great job of summarizing, but I failed to analyze.