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History Resources: Using ACORN

Search Acorn

  • Use AND to combine terms & narrow your search
    • example: railroads AND civil war
  • Use OR to search for related terms. Good strategy for finding PRIMARY SOURCES
    • example: diaries OR journals
  • Use $ to truncate a word & return all possible endings
    • example: politic$ (will return politic, politics, political, politically etc.)
  •  Use SUBJECT searching to find all books on a subject


Finding Primary Sources using Acorn

  • Go to Advanced Search in Acorn, the online catalog.
  • Under words anywhere enter terms related to your topic 
  • Under Subject enter "sources" or "diaries" or "narratives" (without quotes)
  • Find Subject Headings related to your topic that include words such as "-sources" or "-diaries" or "-personal narratives"