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Welcome to Owen!

The purpose of this Guide is help you save time using the Vanderbilt library.  Work smarter and not harder.

There are more Business Research Guides which will also be helpful.  In particular, see these:

Business Concepts

Often you will hear a new idea or word that you aren't familiar with.  These links can help you learn more quickly:

Business Dictionaries

Business Plans / Business Terms - scroll down for the alphabetical list

Dictionary of Financial, Business and Economic Terms (The Conference Board of Canada)

Investopedia - simply click on this symbol to search:       

Nashville Public Library (Davidson County residents):  has video tutorials for software, creative, and business skills.

Business Books

American Culture

Keeping Up with News Events

Top International News

Local News

Country Background

Where to Start - Library Research Databases

These are just SOME of the Walker Management Library databases.  These are a good starting point but ASK if you aren't finding what you need in 15 minutes. Each database has its own style and mechanics, so look for the HELP option to use its special features.

Fact or Fiction?

How do you know if information is true?  Where can you find out if something you have read or heard is true or not?  For news items look at this chart on Bias as well as these websites::

For business information, check more than one source if you aren't sure.  Consider the following:

  • Is the Source Credible (biased? who funds them?)
  • Check the Author's Background & Education
  • Check the Date (autodate or actual date?)
  • Look for Supporting Information (other sources)
  • Research what  Business & Industry Experts Say

Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

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Why Does Information Ownership Matter?

  • The Vanderbilt Library subscribes to 800+ databases on different topics.  We've created customized Business Research Guides to help you find specific databases and websites. 
  • Vanderbilt pays for library database subscriptions which include access licenses that outline appropriate usage such as not sharing full reports or articles with anyone outside of Vanderbilt. 
  • Most reports, articles and other data are the intellectual property of the entity/vendor that created them.  You should always CITE information from another source to avoid plagiarism and violating the VU Student Honor Code. See this link for more information on Citing Your Sources.