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Judaica: Course / Subject Guides

Course and Resource Guides

The Divinity Library will create resource guides for subject areas or particular classes to aid students in finding resources for their assignments. Faculty should contact Chris Benda to request a guide for a class.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online


The library has a one-year renewable subscription to the Oxford Biblical Studies Online.  Please give us feedback on whether or not you find it useful and if you would like us to continue the subscription.

“Oxford Biblical Studies Online is designed to provide scholars, librarians, and students at all levels with a full range of authoritative content and tools for the study of the Bible and biblical history. This cross-searchable resource brings together the text, commentary and annotations from the famous Oxford Study Bibles, essential corollary content and biblical reference works, stunning images, up-to-date color maps and a great deal more. Already substantial, this expanding resource combines the acclaimed Oxford tools and functionality with ready online access to some of the most respected texts and scholarship in the field.”
It includes:
Bible Texts and Commentary
A-Z Entries and Reference Content
Images and Maps
Tools and Resources