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The Religious Self According to Jung- Fall 2015

Jung 1910-rotated

Welcome to the course guide for REL/DIV 7049, The Religious Self According to Jung! In this guide you will find information about a number of things, including finding databases, books, and articles on topics related to your course. Please let us know if you have any questions about this guide or about finding materials for your research.

Instructor: Dr. Volney Gay

RPC Bibliographer: Laine Walters Young


Click here for the full course guide site.

Course and Resource Guides

The Divinity Library will create resource guides for particular classes to aid students in finding resources for their assignments.

A course guide for DIV7023: Bodies and Theological Knowledge will be created this fall.

Faculty should contact Librarian Chris Benda or RPC Bibliographer Laine Walters Young to request a guide for a class.

Bodies and Theological Knowledge - Fall 2015

This course guide is currently under development.