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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): VU GIS Data Server

Information on using GIS and finding GIS data at vanderbilt.

Connecting to the Data Server

To map a drive to the shared GIS Data Drive:

In Windows Explorer click on Tools\Map Network Drive

  1. Choose a drive letter and enter \\library14\ArcImage in the Folder box
  2. Click on Connect using a different user name
  3. In the User name field enter vanderbilt\your_VUnetID
  4. In the Password field enter your ePassword
  5. Click OK then Finish

**If the user is logged into a computer that is part of the Vanderbilt domain, steps 3 and 4 can be eliminated.

**You must be on the Vanderbilt campus network to connect to the data server. You may connect off campus by using a VPN.

If this is the first time connecting to the drive on a given computer, you may need to connect to the folder in ArcMap.

Upon connecting to the drive

  1. Open ArcMap and click ‘Add Data’
  2. Click the ‘Connect to Folder’ button and navigate to Computer à (Y:) arcimage
  3. Select the Drive and click OK. This will add the Y drive to your pull down menu in the ‘Add Data’ window in ArcMap