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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): About

Information on using GIS and finding GIS data at vanderbilt.

About GIS at Vanderbilt

The Geographic Information Systems and Census Information services of the Vanderbilt University Library are dedicated to providing the data, tools and training necessary to understand, analyze, and present geographic information. The service is designed to help Vanderbilt Students, Faculty, and staff as well as the community.

The Vanderbilt Library was chosen by the US Census Bureau as a designated Census Information Center (CIC) to assist the federal government in the dissemination of Census data to under-served communities, and to serve in partnerships with the international community, media, and nonprofit service providers in order to accomplish the goals set forth by the Census Bureau.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) service exists in conjunction with the CIC as many of our users wish to display their census information in the form of maps. The GIS service now includes, as well as reaches outside of, the use of census data to create maps and accomplish spatial analysis. The service offers practical software instruction, assists in the location, creation, and manipulation of data, and seeks to solve GIS related problems, as well as to produce maps for its users.