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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Mapbox

Information on using GIS and finding GIS data at vanderbilt.

Starting a Mapbox Project

To get started, go to the website and sign up for a free account.  Once set up, sign in and click on "Studio".  This will take you to a dashboard.  For this project you will use the classic Mapbox setting.  You can get to this setting by clicking "Classic" on the left-hand bar.  Once there, click the "Mapbox Editor Projects" tab, and select "New Mapbox Editor Project".

You can start by editing the style.  Click on the "Style" tab to change the style.  Click on the "Data" tab to upload your csv, geojson, kml, or gpx data.  You can also draw directly on the map.  Styling your icon is also easy.  You can toggle between options for "text", "style", and "symbol" using the tabs at the bottom of the window.

In short, this should help you get started with your map.  For more questions about using Mapbox, please contact Lindsey Fox.

Guidelines for formatting your csv.

Mapbox Example

Mapbox Overview

Mapbox is a Geographic Information System (GIS) resource that is easy to learn and implement.  Properly formatted data can be easily uploaded to a map and displayed as points.  Points can then be edited to display certain types of information and have unique symbology.