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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers: SciFinder

A collection of databases for locating articles, physical and chemical properties, spectra and other information of interest to chemists and chemical engineers. Many of the databases are limited to Vanderbilt faculty, students and staff.


Sign up for SciFinder

It is necessary for each user to register for a personal account for SciFinder. To do this, go here and follow the instructions. You must be on campus to do this.

Once you have completed the reqistration process, access SciFinder* using this link, the one on the Bibliographic and Patent Databases tab or at Databases (A-Z) in Science and Engineering.  Bookmarks to the sign-in page won't work off campus.


 Java Issues

Because of problems with Java, the default structure editor in SciFinder now is the non-Java version. The old editor is still available and users can choose which they wish to use. However, all development is now being done on the non-Java editor and there is no support for solving Java-related problems

If you choose to use the old Java editor, when a new version of Java comes out, there may be problems with the structure editor opening. If this happens, make sure you have the most recent verions of Java installed. If the window still won't open, try opening another program that uses the Java applet, such as Reaxys, then retrying SciFinder.


Recommended configuration for optimal performance of SciFinder Web  is available at


 Scifinder Help

Tips: FireFox is much faster than IE for SciFinder.

Searching SciFinder

What's New in SciFinder


 SciFinder Mobile

SciFinder Mobile is available to all researchers who are registered to use the web version of SciFinder at Vanderbilt!

Using your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or other smart phone (doesn't work with iPads, iTouches or computers), login at and seamlessly access the mobile-friendly version of SciFinder.

There is no app to download and no IP address restriction

Updated August 31, 2014