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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex Studies: Resources For Instructors

LGBTQ Architect

The LGBTQArchitect site provides documentation primarily intended for campus administrators working with LGBTQ populations.

Many of the resources included in the archive may be useful for inclusion in the classroom, including a number of Educational Handouts under the Programming and Outreach category.

Interrupting Heteronormativity

Interrupting Heteronormativity, edited by Mary Queen, Kathleen Farrell, and Nisha Gupta (2004), was written for graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University.

From the editors' introduction:

"Our purpose in this book is twofold: first, to make visible the everyday, seemingly inconsequential ways in which our classrooms become sites for the reinforcement of heteronormative ideologies and practices that inhibit student learning as well as student-teacher and student-student interactions. And second, to help you learn how to identify, bring attention to, and work with your students to interrupt these ideologies and practices
in your classroom."

Classroom Resources

LGBTQI Students in the Classroom

Syracuse University students quoted in Interrupting Heteronormativity:

"I took French classes last year, and even though my TA seemed very liberal, as part of getting us to speak in French, she’d ask questions like 'How would you describe your ideal boyfriend?' and 'How would you describe your future plans for marriage and children?' I know it was unintentional, but it felt like my whole existence was erased."

"It sucks how the entire burden of making the classroom a safe space can fall on the shoulders of queer students. I would think that a classroom that feels like a safe space would be a more comfortable environment for everybody. I don’t know whether my TAs and professors are scared of dealing with this stuff or if they just have the privilege of not thinking about it."