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Ancient Near East: ANE Studies at Vanderbilt


ANE Courses Offered

Interested in taking an ANE course through Vanderbilt?  Check back here soon for a list of courses offered for the current semester, as well as few offered in the past

Spring 2014 HB/ANE Crossovers

DIV-3125-01 - Book of Genesis

Professor: Jack Sasson

Dr. Sasson brings a wealth of ancient Near Eastern knowledge to this course, engaging the biblical text and highlighting ANE influences on composition, grammar, and genre.

Previous Classes Taught

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CLAS 207 - History of the Ancient Near East

From the neolithic period to the conquests of Alexander the Great, in the geographical area from Persia to Troy and Egypt. Special attention to the history of Israel.

CLAS 236 - Culture of the Ancient Near East

A survey of highly sophisticated Near East cultures of the last three millennia before the common era (B.C.). Discussion of political histories, and the social, religious, and intellectual heritage of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Anatolia through excavated artifacts and written documents.

CLAS 238 - The Amarna Age

The Amarna period from the sixteenth through the twelfth centuries B.C.E., as illuminated by excavations of palaces and temples in Egypt, Anatolia, Canaan, and Mesopotamia as well as the vast historical, legal, and literary documents of the period. Focus on the internationalism and theological speculation of the period as seen through the powerful personalities and accomplishments of leaders such as Thutmoses III, Suppiluliuma, Ramses II, and the spiritually influential Akehnaten.

REL 3113 - The Wisdom Literature in the Ancient Near East

Professor: Annalisa Azzoni

Israel's wisdom corpus (Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon) in light of comparable literature from Egypt and Mesopotamia. Attention to the structure of wisdom thought, to literary forms, and to traditions.

REL 3127 - Cultures of Ancient Near East

Professor: Jack Sasson

A consideration of the cultural and religious milieus of the third and second millennia B.C.E., as they shed light on Biblical origins.

REL 3131 - Voices of Women in the Ancient Near East

Professor: Annalisa Azzoni

An introductiory examination of the place and portrayal of women in Near Eastern antiquity and in contemporary scholarship, with special consideration of the role genre plays in their representations.

REL 3135 - Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible and ANE

Professor: Annalisa Azzoni

Explores how various sexual practices (prostitution, homosexuality, heterosexuality, rape, sodomy, incest) are dealt within the Hebrew Bible and in the larger context of the ANE.

REL 3823 - Literature of the Ancient Near East

Professor: Jack Sasson

Readings in the literature from Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia, with special emphasis on texts relating to the culture, literature, and thought of Ancient Israel.

REL 3822 - The Amarna Period

Professor: Jack Sasson


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