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Find UN Documents: Find UN Resolutions

Find Resolutions

D.     Find Resolutions When UN Document Symbol And Date Are Unknown

Use UNBISnet & ODS.

Official Document System of the United Nations

United Nations Bibliographic Information System

Search the record that describes the document.

Keyword search by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject etc.

Limit search by:

  • Databases
    • UN Publications only
    • Non-UN Publications only
    • UN & Non-UN Publications
  • Language
  • Date
  • Type of material
    • Handbooks
    • Essays
    • book reviews etc.
  • Type of record
    • Journal
    • Journal article
    • Monograph
    • Monograph article

Sample Search:

Try finding the English versions of the most recent UN publications on Outer Space.