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Vanderbilt Visions Modules from the Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries

The Heard Library presents three module themes for Vanderbilt Visions programming. Each theme has multiple modules from which to choose. The modules are designed to engage students in activities that will help them gain a better understanding of life at Vanderbilt and what the library has to offer as part of that experience.

The Class of 1912

The purpose of this session is to engage students with materials from the University Archives to discover what life was like for students over a century ago. How does this compare with the life of today's student? Specific topics, groups of images, and accompanying discussion questions are presented to help guide what is sure to be a lively discussion!

What the C.R.A.P.?

The goal of this theme is to help students develop skills in evaluating information using Wikipedia as a springboard and the C.R.A.P. (Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose) Test as a method to evaluate information. Through brief readings and a video, students will gain an understanding of how Wikipedia articles are created and how to evaluate the information they contain. Students will engage in an interactive evaluation of articles on specific topics and will compare articles in Wikipedia to alternative sources covering the same topic. Suggested topics are included in the guide for VUceptors.

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