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ENGL 4998: Honors English Colloquium- Goddu

Where Do I Start?

Did you know?

  • Central Library has a materials budget of 2 million dollars.
  • Vanderbilt library subscribes to over 700 databases.
  • These resources make up a majority of the Deep Web
  • Google, Bing and other familiar search engines capture less than 1% of information on the Web.

 Infographic credit: CNN/Money

Why should I Start with these resources?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Get an overview of a new or complex topic
  • Find authoritative information
  • Find out the names of key players in a given area
  • Locate terms that you can use in your research
  • Help narrow (or expand) your topic
  • Locate a bibliography of sources to help you start your research.
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