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ASIA 1111 – Hollywood Hanoi: Narrating the Vietnam War - Tran: Television News Archive

Television News Archive

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. The archive has been recording, preserving and providing access to television news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968. 

"The mission of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive focuses on creating, preserving and providing access to the news broadcasts from the U.S. national television networks. We create recordings of news broadcasts from the U.S. national television networks, preserve the content for future generations, and provide the widest access possible within the copyright limitations."

The core of the collection consists of regularly scheduled newscasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News. Also included is selected news content from other networks.

Due to copyright considerations, the archive provides access to the streaming video only to a limited audience and only to limited parts of the collection.  Video from all networks can be viewed from computers across the Vanderbilt campus. Archive content available in streaming video is marked with this icon:

Search the archive.

Citing the TV News Archive

How to cite from TV News Archive in MLA style?

Use this template:

Name of news program.  "Name of segment."  Reported by name of reporter.  Aired air date, on name of network.  Vanderbilt Television News Archive, URL of segment.  Accessed access date.

Example:  let's say you're using the broadcast at  Your citation would look something like this:

ABC Evening News.  “Hearst Release.”  Reported by Frank Reynolds. Aired February 1, 1979, on ABC. Vanderbilt Television News Archive, Accessed October 30, 2016.